Saturday, May 24, 2008

Over a week...

...since I've felt like blogging. I've just been tired, cranky, and not feeling so creative over all. May hasn't been such a good month for me creatively. I'm not sure if it's the mood effecting the creativity or the lack of creativity effecting the mood... Doesn't help much that the last week or so I'm not sure we've even hit 60 degrees and it's been rainy/cloudy most of those days.

AND, just to add to the fun - my birth control has gone wanky. I've been on Depro-Provera on and off for almost 12 yrs. When I'm on it I have NO monthly issues. However, my pharmacy switched me to the new generic version about 9-12 months ago. Let me tell you the generic version sucks. The last 2 times I was due for the shot I had issues about 3-4 days before I was due. This time it was 2 WEEKS before I was due! Needless to say, I have had my dr fax the pharmacy a "dispense-as-written" prescription so I can get the full strength version again. Of course, the full strength is going to cost me $62.50 every 3 months vs $30 for the generic. Gotta' love HMOs - doesn't matter if the drug doesn't work as well - if there's a generic available the full strength isn't covered.

But, enough of my moping. I do have 4 LOs to share, and a 5th at home that I didn't have time to upload before leaving for work - yes, work! Boss decided we needed to be open today as there is a prom next weekend, but I do have tomorrow through Tuesday off. I won't be back here 'til Wednesday!!!

Title: Chocolate Puss
Papers from the Forces of Nature Paper Collection by Blythe Evans of Get Digi With It.
Frame constructed from brackets in Cardboard Cutups Vol 3 by Blythe Evans of Get Digi With It.
Stitches from the SewIt Seams Pack by Blythe Evans of Get Digi With It.
Alpha from Yesterday's News Alpha by Blythe Evans of Get Digi With It.
Rubberband wrap Rubber band wraps-DARKS by Candice Wong of Purple Paper Flowers.
Photos by me.

Title: My Little GQ Man
Papers and elements from the Elegance Kit by Ladybug Graphix of Digital Scrap Garden.
Photos by Gary Burns of Burns Photography. (scanned proofs with permission)
Fonts: CK Puppy Love

LO completes the May Inspiration Challenge at Digital Scrap Garden.

Title: Butterfly Fascination
Paper, frame, and orchid by Heather Manning Designs from Evitangel Collab Kit.
Doodles and alpha by Dawn Inskip from the Evitangel Collab Kit.
Photos by me.
Fonts: Jane Austen

LO completes the Scraplift Challenge at Get Digi With It.

Title: LaFargeville Red Knights
Papers, label, reversed brad, and photo turn from the This Boy Kit by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Doodles from the I Got Swirled Pack by Princess Lala of Divine Digital. (re-colored)
Bracket page template by WendyW.
Photos by me.
Lyrics by Ozzy Osbourne. (Yes, that is what they were playing!)
Fonts: CK Academia, CK Anecdote

Dad and the kids are at the zoo while I'm at work. The butterfly house opened for the season yesterday so they should have loads of fun. I'm hoping to get to the Rosamund Gifford Zoo in Syracuse tomorrow if the weather holds...

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


.: Kristine :. said...

Hiya Cate!!!! Your son just cracks me up!!! What a wee ham!!! LOL! Man I could just pinch his cheeks...hahaha

Pool is done and now all I need is a marguerita....

Have a great long weekend!!!

Bobbie said...

YUCK! I had issues with the Depo and migraines about 2-3 weeks before I was due. My DR would go ahead and dispense it early... maybe they can do that for you?? I hope you get it sorted!! ((HUGS))