Monday, September 15, 2008

And, the Bad Mom of the Year Award...

Really it's not quite that bad, but I feel horrible. I really need to start listening to the radio in the morning...

We had hellacious winds last night with a smattering of rain. I'm guessing that's our gift from Ike. In any case I wasn't able to get to sleep until after 1 am because of the shifting of the house in the wind and the noise from the wind itself. At 12:30am I gave up, and moved down to the livingroom where at least I couldn't feel the house shifting... And, I do mean you could literally feel the house moving in the wind. Last time I felt a building moving that much was when I went up in the tower in Toronto with a school field trip. Made me want to vomit 'cause it felt like the building was swaying - while, of course, all the guys are outside on the deck hanging over to watch the Blue Jays play...

Anyway, back to the story... I didn't wake up 'til 6:30, and the kids didn't wake up 'til about 7am which is at least a half hour late for all of us. I got Micaila going, got Brenden dressed and sort of fed (he insisted he wasn't actually hungry AFTER the bagel he'd requested was made), put a load in the washer, got the garbage together & outside, did a load of dishes, tested my blood, and realized it was 8:50 so I downed my meds quick with some milk and a banana, and out the door Micaila and I went. It's about 9am now mind you so I'm feeling guilty 'cause Micaila's gonna be close to late, but as I'm approaching the school a bus pulls out of the drive so I figure not too bad. I went to the door, and opened it for her, and then told her I loved her and would see her later - go right to your classroom. As I'm pulling out of the drive I realize there are only 3 vehicles in the entire parking lot which seemed REALLY odd so I called Dad quick to have him check the school calendar on the wall, and it doesn't say anything about there not being school today so I just warned him why I called and that he may get another from the school...

Off to work. Do you see where this is going???

I get to work, and am sweeping the black walnuts out of the drive when the boss pulls up on his bike. He asks how bad my drive was... I said not bad at all - I only saw one tree blown over, and it was in a yard. To which I get the response, "Oh really?" That got my attention so I asked why, and he said there's a no unneccesary travel advisory out and almost every school in the county has a 2 hour delay!!! OMG... Do I feel like doodoo now... So I called Dad, and let him know. He picked Micaila back up for the 2 hours. But, here's the best part - there were at least 6 other kids there and the school hadn't bothered to call any of the parents or emergency contacts!!!

The school custodian who was there said he knew the girl looked familar, but wasn't sure why. [insert rolling eyes smilie] He's a good friend of Dad's, and used to be the maintainence man for our apartment complex...

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Paper and elements from theRemarkable Kit by April Staker of DigiApe Designs.
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