Friday, October 31, 2008

Update on Cate...

Hi Folks,
Cate came through surgery in good stead. They managed to avoid damaging the nerve that controls muscle movement for that side of her face, so that was a relief. The surgeon verified that she still had muscle control about an hour or so after the surgery. She has no feeling in her left hand and arm up to her elbow due to the way they had positioned her arm during surgery, but it is supposed to return over the next few days. She says it isn't as bad today, so I guess they are right.
She's quite sore as is to be expected, and the support spandex band she has to wear (encircles her head from top to chin) restricts her ability to talk, eat, and truly be comfortable (without even considering the rest of her disconforts!). She has to wear it for the first week until she has an appointment to have the sutures removed. The bandage on the surgery site is to be changed 3 times a day. She can manage the removal of the spandex strap, but reapplying it takes some help as it's a bit much to reach and stretch to complete the process trying use her left arm.
She was deemed doing well enough yesterday morning to be released for discharge by her surgeon. Kolby and I helped her escape about 10 am.
Her first stop on the way home was to get a chocolate milk shake. The hospital had provided one of their 'deluxe' breakfasts which included a hockey puck English muffin minus the jelly they had checked as provided. Her mom finally managed to wrestle the middle out of the muffin to try to help fill the void from lack of digestible food. Also provided was a lovely dish of Cream of Wheat, which Cate can't fathom consuming on one of her best days of existance. Ah, the ecstatic memories that are being created....!
Not sure how long it will be before she's capable of resuming her conversations online with all of her friends, but be assured the faster it happens, the happier she'll be!
Thanks to all for your concern and good thoughts/wishes. We all appreciate the support!!
Warmest regards,
Cate's Dad, Herb


momto3 said...

Give Cate my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery so she can get back online!!
Liesl (used to be in Watertown, now KY)

flattsgurl said...

I'm so glad that everything went well Cate! I hope that you have a speedy recovery and look forward to and update soon. :)

.: Kristine :. said...

Hi Mr Reed!

Glad Cate's surgery came out well! She's been on my mind all weekend!!! Give my girl a big squish from me and tell her I love her....
All my love,

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Hi Herb!
Please give Cate my love and best wishes for a quick return to the digiworld.

Thanks so much for the update.


Dee Bibb said...

Please tell Cate that we are anxiously awaiting her return! Get well soon Cate! We miss you!!

Kari ~ Relocated Dixie Girl said...

We're thinkin about ya Cate. I'm glad everything went well with your surgery. Here's to a speedy recovery & getting back to chattin it up with the rest of us Dorks!!! *easy hugs* Love ya girlie!!!

And thank you SO much Mr. Herb for updating us on Cate's progress. She's a very special person & we love her dearly!!