Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another one of THOSE nights...

So I didn't do the dishes before work yesterday. I just plain had absolutely NO interest in doing them. Bad of me? Maybe, but what the hell... So when I got home last night there are two sides of the sink piled high with all the dishes from Monday night's dinner on, and the pots from Mike making dinner on the stove.

(I've got to have a talk with him about serving sizes too. I know he's trying, but apparently has no idea of what 3/4 cup constitutes because I had 2-3 servings of brown rice on my plate last night, and 1 serving almost hits my limit of 40 carbs per meal.)

Anyway, at about 1:30am Brenden starts his "I'm-awake-but-trying-to-sleep" crying... About 2 I give up waiting for him to stop, and go talk to him. He stops - momentarily. Mike gets up and bawls him out. He stops - momentarily. I get up 2 more times, with the warning the last time that if I have to come in again I'll be spanking because I need sleep as he's now woken up all of us. At 2:30 I gave up. I'm so ticked I can't sleep anyway, and my options are either to spank him which will have all 4 of us awake even longer, or go downstairs and try to ignore him 'til he falls asleep...

So at 2:30am I am doing the blinkin' dishes 'cause what else am I going to do?! I finish them up, use the bathroom, and go back upstairs as all is quiet... to find the little skunk is fast asleep... ON MY SIDE OF MY BED!!!! I had to go back downstairs, and try to sleep on the sofa. Not normally an issue, but the windows are all cracked open 'cause it IS August, right? Only we've been having temps down into the 40's overnight lately so it was COLD in the livingroom. I ended up watching part of Something To Talk About, and trying to get back to sleep about 4am. The kids woke me at 7:15 this morning - a whole hour later than normal 'cause I was so tired my eyes didn't want to open.

Is that enough complaining for you?!?! LOL I really try not to, and lately feel like that's the majority of what I do... Tonight I need to get my posting bonuses for my challenges at DSG finished up. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!



.: Kristine :. said...

Aren't kids little stinkers? hopefully you'll get a good nites sleep tonite!


Anonymous said...

Oy Vay!!!! Sure hope you get some rest sweetie!!! Hope you have a good day to spite not having any sleep.... {{HUGS}}