Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Store!! (And health stuff...)

Did you see my announcement on Monday?!?! I'm selling both Personal/S4O and Commercial Use templates at WenchdGrafix!! I only have 10 up atm, but I plan to have more soon!! In fact, I should have 20 more up shortly after the 15th, and am thinking about making some combo packs as well. Any thoughts on the combo packs?? Like 'em... Hate 'em...???


On to other topics... I saw the endochronologist yesterday. Well, actually the Nurse Practitioner at the endochronologist's office. I'm now on two medications for the diabetes (or will be as soon as the drug store drops the 2nd one off), and am on a carb-restricted diet. I'm allowed 30-40g of carbs per meal and 15g per snack. That means I can't have my Cryustal Light flavoring all the time as it has 3g per serving, and there are 3 servings in my 6 serving bottle of water. I have to go back and see them in 6 weeks. I aslo had to go back to the lab this morning to have more blood drawn as my regular doctor didn't bother to have a cholesterol panel done when doing the other tests...

I had my follow-up with Dr. Hillerman regarding the tumor this morning as well. It appears there are two types of parotid tumors - superficial lobe and deep lobe. As usual my body does nothing my half-measures, and despite his original diagnosis from appearance and size I have a deep lobe tumor. That means it is located UNDER the nerve that controls facial movement in the gland. That means he doesn't feel as confident about performing the surgery himself as there are now higher risks involved, and wants to refer me to a neck/throat surgeon in Syracuse.



Mojo said...

will keep candles for you all goes well at appt.
As far as templates I love the lanscape 11 x 8.5 rarely see enough of those.

Anonymous said...

OMG.....ok, so we deal with it, and like Mojo said...the candles lit, prayers to be saying....and all will be fine.... {{{HUGS}}

Intense Magic said...

A few thoughts and prayers from my direction as well!!! Awesome templates...I just snagged up 3 of them! Can't wait to use 'em!!