Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's official!

I am now selling my templates at TWO stores! YIPPEE! WenchdGrafix and Digital Scrap Garden! :D I have 25 templates available in both PU/S4O and CU versions (so I guess that's really 50 templates) at both stores!

And, my blood sugar tested this morning at 103. I didn't eat a nighttime snack last night so I'm thinking I may start skipping that one more often again. My pre-dinner test normally comes back between 80 & 100 which is fine. It's my morning test that is still a little high most days. Just think - if I actually started exercising I might not need the drugs... [insert rolling eyes smilie here]

Micaila's getting anxious about going to school. Partially due to Daddy trying to run "practices" on the mornings he is here. We went through all of her clothes on Sunday - sorted out the too small, and the good/school clothes from the at-home-only clothes. This morning she came downstairs at 7am in school clothes convinced today was her first day of school because of something Daddy said to her. I still don't understand what was said... It took m at least 15 minutes to convince her it wasn't. So I now have a big circle with all caps "MICAILA GOES TO SCHOOL" on the calendar for next Wednesday.

She had forgotten that she has a special outfit for the first day anyway. She picked out a pair of black leggings with sparkles and a Hannah Montana shirt that doesn't scream HM - it's a black, pink, and white rock t-shirt with HM written on a small banner near the bottom. Let me tell ya' this girl has got some major '80s rocker-girl attitude!! LOL There are days we fix her hair, and I wonder if she's channeling a young (think Like A Virgin) Madonna!!

Gotta' run! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!



Tammy said...

ahhhhhh the first day of school. New clothes, pencils and all that great school stuff. I loved it. Especially the new clothes. hehehe

.: Kristine :. said...


Have a great day Cate!!

Andrea* said...

Congrats on 2 stores! I'm sure your dd will be fine once she gets to school, LOL!

---sharia--- said...

How cute that she is so excited!!! I have to say, since my girls' school switched to uniforms I am so so happy lol.

Good luck on the rocker girl thing..

Amanda said...

Congrats on the stores!

JanMary said...

Congrats on 2 stores.

I am SO glad we have school uniform here, I could not cope with my daughters indecision, trying to choose what to wear each day.

Dawne said...

Glad to hear the sugar thing may be under control!!! See you at the garden sweetie, and {{HUGS}}