Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm getting published!

OMG, OMG, OMG! I'm so excited! I got a PM last night from Stacey Kluczny, one of the 3S Senior Partners, asking to use my Adore LO in their Sept ezine to illustrate the use of doodles! Whoo-hoo! I have never been "published" anywhere before! It's not paper so I can't hold it in my hands, but I plan to get an electronic copy to save to CD! For those who don't know Adore isthe LO on the right in my blog header. For a better look you can click on any of my gallery links to the right! :D

With all the excitement of that request, and the work of resizing and trying to GET the LO to Stacey I only managed to get 1 LO done last night. I'm on dial-up, and 4 email attempts to send the file all failed due to the smtp server. I finally had to upload it to my 4shared account, and email her the link just to get it through. We're talking about a 1.74 Mb file here btw -not huge... I really need to get broadband. So, anyway, 1 LO last night - which I know most people would be very happy about getting 1 LO done, but the truth is I all ready had plans for a 2nd and possibly a 3rd LO last night so 1 doesn't cut it for me! LOL

On that note I am going to cut this short this morning so I can go try to get at least the 1 LO done before work! :)

For Karla's CT:
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Papers & elements from the Jeweled Vintage kit by Karla Kellum of Lifesong Kreations.
Fonts: Willing Race

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