Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Off to LI...

Well, I only have 1 LO to share this morning. I spent most of the time between getting home and bed last night packing. Packing for Mike and the kids is complicated enough, but then throw me into the mix, and... well... Aiiee! At least my camera stuff and my makeup(which I almost NEVER wear) are always in my purse. But, I also wear contacts, refuse to leave without my EHD, and needed to grab some scrapping mags, blank paper, and my printouts with blank books (I print my LOs as I complete them, but only seem to cut them down to 8x8 and put them into books when I have about 50 printed! LOL)to keep myself occupied...

I woke up with a killer headache this morning, and now have to go in to work and explain that my husband can't make up his mind for squat. I wanted to leave for I after work tonight. The calling hours are tomorrow and Thursday with the funeral on Friday. He wanted to leave last night. I tried to explain that we still needed to pack, I don't get paid 'til Tuesday, and there would be nothing to do down there today... But, he was deteremined so I told my boss I wouldn't be back for the rest of the week... I get home to Mike mowing the lawn, and when I start running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get us packed up he tells me that he told his boss he'd work today!! OY! I can't win. So my choice today is to look like an idiot and go to work, get paid for the day, and not have to take a vacation day, OR stay home and go nuts yelling at the kids... Guess which one wins?!?! LOL

Anyway, gotta' shut down the pc and pack up my EHD...

Title: Mama's Little Monkey
Papers and elements from the Tea Garden Kit by Amy Sumrall.
Template by me.
Photo by my dad.
Fonts: Shortcut; Sketched Alphabet

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Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Sorry to hear about Mike's granddad. Hope you can get rid of that headache before your long trip. I'm loving all the new pages of Jaylyn. She's beautiful. Safe trip to you.

Decomom said...

Hope that headache disappears fast! Now for when you return, you've been TAGGED!
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