Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday findings...

Oooyy! The drive home last night... We got 4-6 inches of snow while I was at work yesterday... Not fun... I think we got about 2 more inches after I got home.

Then this morning we lost power from 4:50am-6:20am ONLY ON MY STREET! How do I know this? Well, I couldn't get back to sleep after Mike left at 3:30am for work so I was up watching DVR. The power blipped out in the middle of Criminal Minds. I went to look out the window, and all the lights on Church Street were out, but Sophia (the other road as I live on a corner) were ON! Go figure...

When the power came back on my brother, Kolby caught me on IM, and then called and talked for about an hour. I was busy the whole time trying to get some CT work done, and lost track of time 'til 8:50am when my cell alarm went off. One load of laundry got into the washer, but no further, and the dishes didn't get touched. Dad didn't get to the house 'til about 9:15 so he was running late as well... And, tonight I won't be getting home 'til 8 or 8:30pm 'cause I'm working a military ball with the boss.

I have 1 LO I finished just before running out the door yesterday - literally. I had enough time to save the PSP version of the file, but nothing else. I had to re-open it this morning, save the full jpeg version and the 2 smaller jpeg versions I keep, print it, and THEN move on. LOL So I did finish a cup insert for an Xmas gift and a LO this morning...

Title: Remember Cherish
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Papers and elements from the TimelessTreasures kit by Connie Prince of DigiDiva Designs available at Gotta Pixel.
Template from the 12x12 Stitched Template Pack by Connie Prince of DigiDiva Designs available at Gotta Pixel.
Photos by my dad (of me!).

Title: Our Elves
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Papers and elements from the Chirp Kit by Penny Springmann.
Cup insert template from the All Purpose TumblersTemplate Pack by Penny Springmann.
Photos by my dad and mother-in-law.
Fonts: Nasty (

Title: Is it on?
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Papers, alpha, and elements from the Christmas Grunge Kit by Gina Miller of Simply Homespun Designs.
Tear template from the Totally Ripped pack by Penny Springmann.
Photo by my dad. (altered - Background was desaturated, darkened, and softened.)
Fonts: NewStyle Embossed; OliJo

I'm at work so gotta' run!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


Jane said...

Beautiful layouts - sure wish we would get a few inches of snow.

Barb said...

snow coming our way too....I love it!

Scrapbook Addict said...

Snow? What is that? Chuckle - we are barely wearing long sleeved shirts around here.

Donna B. Miller said...

We're expecting the snow to hit here tonight. To tell you the truth, I'm looking forward to it. I love snows on the weekend. :-) Love the layouts.

HeatherManning said...

Those are gorgeous! I keep hoping for some snow that isn't frozen to the ground. You know, the kind that kids can play in? Not the kind you could kill someone with if you throw a handful. LOL

Have a great day Cate!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Glad the power came back on. The dishes will be there anyway, at least you got some scrapping done.
Enjoy your weekend. Mine is sure to covered in snow if I believe the forecasters, with my luck it'll be ice.

Andrea said...

I know I commented on this a couple of days ago, now where is it? Grr! I've barely been talking to anybody and one of the posts I DID comment on isn't here. Maybe I did it when the power was flickering. I know I was trying to write to Heather once when my computer restarted. Oh well. You said something about not feeling up to much lately on my blog, and I totally feel ya, Sister! Seems like all I can think of lately are things that DO NOT led themselves to the creative process! Hang in there! Something good is right over the horizon, I promise. I just know it. All we have to do is know it's there, and not give up hope.
(((((((Big Hugs)))))))))