Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to the grind...

Work... Do I need to say more? Well, I will anyway!! LOL

I'm gone for 3.5 days, and suddenly nothing is where it belongs! Dalton wasn't completely sure about running proofs so no proofs got completed while I was gone. Which would have been ok - if they had just not done it at all... But instead, Gary had Dalton try, and one of the sets he'd tried to run I had to re-do because all of the horizontal files were cropped in the wrong direction...

I guess it's ok - gives me an excuse to work a little extra time yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow since I won't be paid for my 4 hrs off on Saturday. I get a 3-day weekend, but only get paid for the 7 hrs on Friday. I had to use 3.5 of my remaining 5.5 days off to go to LI.

Don't have a lot of time this morning, and I have some digi-stuff bugging me so that I'm in a funky mood anyway. So, rather than bore you with that I'll just share my LOs, and be on my way...

Title: If You Can Dream...
Pink paper, frames, and blinged stitch by Princess Lala of Divine Digital from the Jan 2008 DAD Kit.
Doodle on right of frame from the Fancy Frills 2 Doodle Pack by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Word doodle from the Note Express 5 by Princess Lala of Divine Digital. (Colored by me.)
Photos by ?.
Fonts: MA Googly Bear

This is Mike's cousin, Jenn.

Title: Interlude at the Zoo
Paper, lily border, staple, and glitter doodles from the Serenity Now Kit by JMT Art available at Scrapbook Bytes.
Dateline and highlights from the AYR Date Stamps by JMT Art available at Scrapbook Bytes.
Word strips from the Lil Bits Pack by JMT Art available at Scrapbook Bytes.
Photos by me.
Fonts: Jane Austen; JasmineUTC

Gotta' run! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


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Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Hi sweetie!
Glad you're back to your daily routine. Not havin much luck with my pages lately but what the heck. I just need to settle down and focus for a little bit. It's supposed to rain some so maybe I'll get some time at the camper. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Awesome pages btw.