Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sleep... please!

I know at some point in my life I will actually manage to get through an entire 8 hours without waking up - by myself or by others... I was awake 7 times by 4am, and at 5am gave up. So far I've: gathered garbage and put it outside, put away the clean dishes, washed the dirty dishes, folded and sorted 3 loads of laundry, put 1 load into the dryer, put 1 load into the washer, realized there's another load in the hamper, uploaded my 4th LO from yesterday to the web, completed about 75% of 1 LO for today, and gotten Brenden dressed.

I've also got this burning pain going on in my right shoulder any time I reach, stretch or lift something. I'm thinking it may be a pinched nerve... Just not sure how it would have come to be.

And, speaking of pain, apparently the nerves in my ear are finally regenerating 'cause for the last few days if you touch my left ear it stings/hurts depending on the amount of pressure when you touch it. I hadn't had an issues in the area for a while now so I have to assume that's the issue. The pain when I start eating has also (finally) toned down to a once in a while issue rather than an every time I eat issue.

I completed 4 LOs yesterday in between other to-do items. I can only share 2 this morning though because 1 can't be posted until tomorrow night as the product isn't available yet, and the other was Saucy Wenches in yesterday's post. :)

Title: Giant Swallowtail
Frame cluster with tattered paper from the Fresh Start Clusters pack by Connie Prince, DigiDiva Designs.
Papers, stitching, and tag from the Desperately Seeking Spring Kit by Connie Prince, DigiDiva Designs.
Photo by my dad.
Fonts: Windsong

Title: Morning Chores
Metal clip from Clip EZ01 by Royanna Fritschmann, Studio Ra.
Paper and other elements from the Winter Chic Kit by Royanna Fritschmann, Studio Ra.
Photo by me.
Fonts: MA Smiles

That means with the 8x8 albums at work, the paper LOs from Friday, and my digital LOs I've completed 111 pages so far this year with #112 in the works! YIKES!!

I have to run to try to finish that LO I'm working on, eat breakfast, take my meds, and grab a shower before work! Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



.: Kristine :. said...

Yes you need sleep because you do entirely too much stuff done before 7.

Lord woman, I need a nap now cuz I'm exhausted reading that!! LOL

gabs aka evitangel said...

I so hear you with the sleep. I can't get enough! great stuff either!

Ladybug Graphix said...

Great to see you stop by... it's been a while huh? Love those layouts too.... sleep? don't know what that is these days... just too much to deal with.... have a great week! {{HUGS}}

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Girl you need to mention to your Dr. both the pain in the ear and the fact that you can't sleep. It's not good for you!!!!!

Gorgeous pages as always. Can't believe that you've done that many already. WOW!!!!

Have a great one!