Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Sunday and the first QotW...


So I still haven't managed to take the time to gather all my CT Valentine's kits, but some are included below... I've been awake since 5:30am again, and REALLY wish I was asleep. At least 2 nights this past week I don't think I managed to get more than an hour of sleep at any one time all night. Maybe I'll try to sneak a nap later. I'll probably feel too guilty to do it though - as usual I have a looooong to-do list for my 2 days off.

The first load of laundry just finished washing. I'm hoping it is the only load I have to do today, but we'll see if Brenden had an accident overnight when he wakes up. Then we have dishes; taxes; my P365 - w6 LO; 4 CT LOs I should get done; 2 QPs & 3 mini kits to package for Wenchie's store; a mega frame pack, some templates, & an odds'n'ends paperpack to package for both stores; some general straightening of the house; Micaila's Valentines for her class; gather the garbage for tomorrow morning; try to come up with 25 interesting facts about be 'cause
3 people have tagged me on Facebook for it now; and watch The Caveman's Valentine so I can send it back to Netflix. I think that's it. Well, beyond the norm of 3 meals to fix... Part of me wishes Nora would decide to come over to play cards so I would have an excuse not to do 1/2 that list! LOL

It warmed up enough yesterday that last night as we're trying to go to bed it sounded like we had a pack of snowboarders on our roof... At least it seemed to stop once I fell asleep 'cause I'm a light sleeper, and would have woken up every time more slid off the roof...

So I've gotten my birthday present from myself 4,000 questions for getting to know anyone and everyone... I've decided to do a question of the week thing where each Sunday I'll post a random question from the book, answer it, and ask you to answer it if you are reading this. So, here is the first random question...

In what order do you keep your currency in your wallet?

Mine's smallest to largest front to back - except if I've just gotten change, and don't have time to put it away. Then the change bills are folded in half at the front of my wallet! LOL :) Nope! Not anal at all! LOL My husband who tries to claim I am not at all organized has his money all mixed up in his wallet...

So? How about you?

In scrapping news...

If you haven't heard yet, Nicole Seitler of Sugarplum Paperie is now the proud owner of The DigiChick! Congrats, Nicole! I LOVE her designs, and am sure she'll do great things for the site. :) I've been told by a little birdie that her newest Grab Bag is MORE than worth the $3 - not that I've been disappointed by her grab bags before mind you...

JanaM also has a Grab Bag up at TDC for $3 which I can vouch is worth the money if you like her designs! I've been able to play with it as I'm a guest CT for the month! :D Here's my 2nd LO using it:

Title: Funky You
Background and paper used with photomask from the Art Explosion Paper Pack by JanaM Designs available at The DigiChick.
Photomasks from the Photomasks Element Pack Art Explosion Paper Pack by JanaM Designs available at The DigiChick.
Fiber paper, tag, tape, and reverse staple from the Some Basics Element Pack Art Explosion Paper Pack by JanaM Designs available at The DigiChick.
Leaf stem from the DSD Freebie Art Explosion Paper Pack by JanaM Designs.
Funky WA from the Mood Music - Funky You Kit Art Explosion Paper Pack by JanaM Designs available at The DigiChick.
Photo by me.
Fonts: GraytonSSK

I've been asked to be a member of Connie Prince's As You Wish CT! I'm psyched! I've been lucky enough to guest for her for the last few months of 2007
and of 2008, and now I'm on whenever a new kit inspires me! Her kits and templates are always so easy to work with. Thanks for the invite Connie & Linda! :D

If you haven't seen yet, Royanna has a PU Grab Bag up for sale through today at DD - just $3 for $45-worth of product - and a CU Collab Trunk with Cyndi Wetmiller of Wetfish Designs- just $6 for 18 new products! Don't miss out on the goodies!!

The Digitals Team has a blog train going on from yesterday through the 14th! You can nab some awesome goodies for Valentine's by riding along each day. :) Freebies are only available for 24 hours so make sure to stop by each day. You can start with Michelle Pieters' blog here. Michelle's goodies all coordinate with her newest kit, Chocolate Kisses!

Kristine's kit, Kissed, is still on sale for 30% off! The 3rd LO here was done using it, and it's perfect for those Valentine's LOs/projects!

Kiki is hard at work on not one - not two - but at least
THREE collabs atm! More on that as soon as I can!

If you didn't see it when it got released, Heather has a new kit out. Candy Love was designed with her kids Valentine's for school in mind so it is
PERFECT for those hybrid projects involving love!

Dawne of Ladybug Graphix also has a great kit out for Valentine's Day OR any day LOs/projects... Heart's Desire is full of red/white/black/gray goodness - laces, papers, flowers - you name it! And, she's even got an Add-on available now too!

Tracy King also has some awesome Valentine brushes (includes .png versions as well) - Valentine Variety Brushes - and a cute kit - Just Hearts. You can see my LOs using these here - Eternal Love and here - Mine.

Still with me? I think that takes care of most of my CT news - and an extra or two! I have 2 more LOs to share...

Title: as day takes flight
Papers from the Wasted Walls Paper Pack by Kiki Halbert Designs available at Plain Digital Wrapper.
Frames from the Crack Me Up Frame Pack by Kiki Halbert Designs available at Plain Digital Wrapper.
Mask used on one paper and photo from the Masked Frames by Kiki Halbert Designs available at Plain Digital Wrapper.
Leaf frond from the Glitter Flourishes 2 Freebie by Kiki Halbert Designs. (hue altered)
Butterfly & corner from the Glimpse of Twilight Kit by Kiki Halbert Designs available at Scrapbook-Elements. (hue altered)
Photo by my dad.
Fonts: Jane Austen; Hotel Coral Essex

Title: Dandelion Wishes
Papers and elements from the Gentle Whisper Kit by Michelle Pieters.
Photo by me.
Fonts: Jane Austen

Gotta' go get some of that list crossed off now! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Wow... I got my cuppa coffee and then sat down!! LOL LOL yep, it was a long one.. :) love the layouts, and congrats on the CT position! Thanks for the pimping as well!!! Hope you get everything done... {{HUGS}}

.: Kristine :. said...

Ditto what Bug said!! I'm exhausted now!!!

Thanks so much for the pimp and just because I tagged you on Facebook doesnt mean you have to do it silly...LOL

Intense Magic said...

Wow...I need a nap reading all you have to do LOL! To answer your question...when I organize my bills they are front to back, smallest to largest...but most of the time they are just randomly thrown around my purse :) Have a great day...hope you accomplish everything!

Creative Junkie said...

On those few occasions I actually have money on me, I like to do smallest to largest, front to back.

But usually, I just avoid the entire scenario and pay everything by credit card. I've been known to charge a $0.79 thing of TicTacs.

Pathetic, I know.

Beth said...

Um, I don't think I have any of that.
Like Andy, I've been known to charge tic tacs!!

Busy list. I'm off to nap after reading it!

Mathilde said...

yes very long post! beautiful things

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

It really wasn't that long, lol. Lots of great pimpin! And look at you taking on another great designer.

As for your question of the day, I rarely have cash in my wallet or even my purse. I use my debit for almost everything. And rarely my wallet for anything. Even my DL and CC are not in my wallet. lol

Hope it's warming up where you're at. It's hit 50 here so we're celebrating!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

gabs aka evitangel said...

congrats to you!

michellewaite1 said...

Beautiful kits and pages. I keep my money the biggest amounts in the back, small in the front