Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Not much to say again... As long as my weekends are right now they still seem waaaayyyy too short!

Brenden had his checkup yesterday, and (finally) got a clean bill of health for his ears. The doctor had to use a tymphometer (sp?) to double check his ears because there was some thin wax in front of the ear drum that had the appearance of a seperated membrane, but the machine tested the ears as normal. The doctor also noted that he could see the signs that Brenden had had a fairly bad ear infection which makes me wonder... It still seems like the kid should have been complaining about his ears a little more than he had. I had enough of them as a kid that I remember how much they hurt.

Micaila starts a swimming unit in gym at school today. While I'm not entire opposed to this it seems like the school should have had to
ASK the parents if this would be ok. Instead we received a letter 2 weeks ago INFORMING us it would happen... I'm REALLY not thrilled about the fact that they are doing it during the winter months, and forcing the kids to take a shower after swimming. Micaila still won't take a shower here - only baths. She HATES the water spraying over her head... I'm sure whom ever is supervising will be having tons of fun trying to make a bunch of kindergarten students take showers in the locker rooms...

I've decided to try to focus a little more on journaling on my LOs this year. I've also been meaning to put together some hybrid "journals" as xmas gifts for a couple of years now to try to get stories/answers from members of the family for the kids to have down the road. So, I used my birthday coupon from Borders to order
4,000 Questions for Getting to Know Anybody and Everybody. I'm hoping it will help prompt me to do more journaling.

I finally got all the photos for my FIL labeled, and got another album for him as I'm sure the last one is either full or almost full. I have about 175 photos here, and know the album I sent last year was only supposed to hold 200. So with the photos I'd sent last year I think he'd have run out of room. Now to get them in the mail... Oh! And, the books I got my BFF, Kam and her son for xmas... Those are still here as well. Guess I'll have some errands to run on Friday.

Title: Love Eternal
Photo Mask from Valentine Variety Stamps by Tracy King of Urban Dragon Digital Art.
Background from the Graphs 1 Pack by Tracy King of Urban Dragon Digital Art.
Swirl rub-on from the Always in Style Kit by Tracy King of Urban Dragon Digital Art.
Stapled bead from freebie by Tracy King of Urban Dragon Digital Art.
Photo by ?.
Fonts: Treasuremap Deadhand

Another LO of Mike's grandparents...

Title: static girl
Papers and elements from the Antique Love Freebie Kit by Shawnery Mathis Designs.
Template by Michelle Filo.
Photos by me.
Fonts: Hypewriter

LO completes 4pm SBB Birthday Chat Challenge and the Pencil Lines Sketch #117.


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Anonymous said...

Awesome looking layouts Cate!! I remember when Rhea was afraid of the shower... I don't think she grew out of it till she was almost 10! Good luck to the teacher.. I think it is a little ridiculous to have them taking showers at such a young age... have a great day honey!!! {{HUGS}}