Sunday, January 4, 2009

The kids are home!

Yeah! Mike and the kids got home about 7:15pm last night. Just in time to unload the van, get everyone settled, and turn on Wall-E to get the kids to stay in bed. They were obviously wound-up from the trip and ride. But, then so was Mike - the man didn't want to stop talking. Can't get him to say two words to me on the phone all week, and then he comes home and rambles for over an hour while we're trying to get to sleep! Go figure...

We followed the directions for Brenden's meds which means Mike stopped giving him the eye drops after his Sunday night dose. He was doing great - and then woke up yesterday morning with his left eye crusted over again... So we gave him two doses of the drops yesterday. I plan to give him the 3 today and 1 tomorrow morning before we leave for his follow-up appt with the dr. I'm thinking maybe he should have had the drops for 10 days straight instead of only 5...

I wanted to share a couple of photos from Christmas day...
Ever seen a kid so happy about pjs?? Of course, Grandma did get him Iron Man and Batman...

LPS VIPs from Santa... But, I got the lap full of super-happy Brenden! LOL

The kids got a dress-up tote from Mommy & Daddy including this costume which Micaila had been begging for. I got them 75% off after Halloween. :)

It also happens to be my niece's birthday, and Micaila made her a special card...

Mike had messed with my camera settings while I was in the bathroom so all the candle pics are in sepia...

So she posed for a fake candle shot with Micaila after my camera got corrected. :)

And, I have two more LOs...

Title: Jaylin - What'd you say???
Papers and elements from the Freak Out Kit by April Staker of DigiApe Designs.
Photo by her maternal aunt, Jamie.
Fonts: Year2000Boogie

Title: Krysti - Yup, she's a Christmas baby
Brown background paper from the Back-To-Basics Rainbow Solids Paper Pack by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Blue paper from the Back-To-Basics Rainbow Dots Paper Pack by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Frame from Doodle Frame {Rara} by Princess Lala of Divine Digital. (color added)
Stamp from Birthday Stamps Pack by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Swirly doodle from the Fancy Frills 3 Pack by Princess Lala of Divine Digital. (color added)
Photo by me.
Fonts: Tuna & Hot Dogs on Rye

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Web Designz by Kristi said...

I love seeing Christmas pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Kiki said...

Very cute pics!

Ariane said...

WOW, what great pics & LO's Cate, thanks for sharing=) Looks like a wonderful day for all!

Claudi said...

what great photos! love them

Angie said...

Great pictures!!! And the layouts are wonderful!!!

.: Kristine :. said...

Love the pics!!! Brendan going bonkers over jammies is too funny! LOL What a monkey..

Esther said...

I think the sepia photo is fantastic. It may have been a mistake but it works!

Lynn said...

love the photos and layouts! thanks for sharing! see you at the garden :)

Intense Magic said...

Love all the photos!! I'm going to have to check out your store and soon!!

Lori said...

these xmas pics are the best everyone looks so happy!chippe