Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sub-zero, store updates, and a new LO...

So, in the wonderful land of the frozen not-quite-arctic we've got sub-zero temperatures going on for at least a week. Yesterday morning it went from 6 to -22 in under an hour at the Watertown airport. Today they're predicting a HIGH of -1 with wind chill factors making it possible to have -21 throughout the day... YUCK!!! Supposedly, next Monday or Wednesday we'll get a break with temps in the 20s... [insert rolling eyes smilie]

Don't forget that Snowy is on sale for 50% off at Digital Scrap Garden through Jan 31st. Kristine had to switch host servers so WenchdGrafix is temporarily down, but keep checking back 'cause all PU templates are 34% off through Jan 31st there. I may even throw in a special bonus for those who are patient!

I feel a little bad because when my aunt lost her husband suddenly to cancer I offered to make a digital book for her if/when she got some photos together for me to scan for the project. She brought me several photos about a year ago, and I've only now created the 2nd page...

Title: A New Beginning
Papers and elements from the Gentle Whisper Kit by Michelle Pieters.
Photo by ?.
Fonts: FG Cheryl; Fidelio MN

Brenden's still got his rash. It doesn't seem any smaller, but is less angry-looking (as in not so red). Seems like it should have cleared up, or at least gotten smaller by now...

I've got to run to eat and shower before work. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!



Anonymous said...

brrrr... that's cold!!! It's much warmer down here... :P Love that layout too... Hope the rash goes away too.. ack! got to be uncomfortable for the little guy!! Have a great day sweetie.. big {{HUGS}}

Dee Bibb said...

Gosh it really is terribly cold there. I thought we were having it rough at mid to low 20's (that is unusual for us)....but those temps you are having are ridiculously low! Stay in and stay warm! {{{{HUGS}}}}

Angie said...

Man It is cold everywhere I guess, I hope his rash gets better soon!!!

Intense Magic said... least we are not that cold! Just -1 here this morning. Hope you are staying warm and have a great weekend!