Sunday, January 18, 2009

Have you...

checked out The Daily Digi yet???? If not, you NEED to hop over there! Janet Phillips has started a new site dealing with digi-scrapping, scrapping, hybrid, and everything else in our lives that connects! Honestly, I don't always remember to stop back every day, but when I do I always find something to put a smile on my face!!!

In other items, WenchdGrafix is back up and running! Be sure to stop over there to check out all the goodies! All PU templates in my store are 34% off through Jan 31st!

I also have Snowy for 50% off at my store at Digital Scrap Garden, and for one day only - Jan 21st - the rest of my store there will be 34% off!! Mark your calendars!

I have a couple of LOs to share...

Title: Brenda's Graduation
Paper and elements from the Tenderly Kit by Ladybug Graphix.
Photo by ?.
Fonts: FG Cheryl; CK Rennaissance

Title: Look
Background from the Cherries Jubilee Paper Pack by Kiki Halbert Designs available at Plain Digital Wrapper.
Other 2 papers from the Flutterby Kit by Kiki Halbert Designs available at Scrapbook Elements. (One cut into frame.)
Swirl from the Glitter Flourishes 2 Blog Freebie by Kiki Halbert Designs. (hue altered)
Bow and button from the Snowberry Punch Kit by Kiki Halbert Designs available at Plain Digital Wrapper. (hue altered on button)
Photo by me.
Fonts: Note This; Patient Paige (Black accents added by me.)

Someone decided my not-quite-6-yr-old needed a play makeup kit for xmas... Personally I don't think makeup -real or play - is necessary that young so I am very unhappy about it, but that's the way my in-laws are... Don't ask just do what you want...

I finally downloaded and installed Firefox this morning so now I can go claim some templates I got as a RAK from Laura Bozeman. Every time I tried to checkout the site would just keep blipping at me, and I finally noticed the disclaimer stating IE doesn't work well with the shopping program the site uses... It's been almost 2 yrs since I used Firefox so now I have something to get used to again. I also need to figure out how to point Firefox to saving certain files in specific places...

And, I just remembered this morning that Tuesday is my FIL's birthday. I still haven't gotten Xmas out to him yet - let alone his birthday. I need to get off here, and get some photos uploaded and ordered...

On Thursday, Dad reserved the zoo for me for Micaila's birthday party on the 31st, and I got the invitations made out yesterday so she can take them to school on Tuesday.

Brenden's rash is almost completely gone - finally. Don't know why it didn't occur to me, but it took my co-worker asking if I'd given him any Benadryl to go DUH!!! After one dose he seemed to not be itching anywhere near as much.

Bad P365er that I am I managed to miss 3 days this week... Not because I didn't think about it - just because I didn't actually pull my camera out of my purse! LOL So, if I take the photos I thought about do they count in retrospect?!?! :D

Watertown got hit so bad with snow yesterday morning I got a snow day from work. The boss called as I was getting ready to pull out of the drive to tell me not to bother 'cause everything in town was shutting down anyway, and he was getting ready to ski to work (He lives about 10 blocks away I believe, and skis, runs, bikes, etc. all the time...) to clear off the walks as he couldn't drive it - the roads were still not plowed... I guess they got somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 inches in under 4 hours. We must have just skimmed the edge of the storm 'cause it had just started that fairy dusting kind of snow when I walked out the door, and we didn't get more than about 5 inches all day.

Anywho - I need to run to get some other things done! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!



Intense Magic said...

I love The Daily Digi! Great site and I've gotten lots of info from it since it started :) I started using firefox a few months ago and haven't looked back! Guess I shouldn't complain much about a dusting of snow here, huh? LOL Have a great rest of the weekend!

Creative Junkie said...

I love firefox! I still don't use it to its potential, but I like it so much better than IE.

Love The Look layout ... that expression is priceless!

.: Kristine :. said...

Morning Cate! I havent used IE in 7 years...I LOVE Firefox...

Dee Bibb said...

Firefox is awesome! So are those layouts!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Wow, I will officially quit bitching about the weather now. 20 inches. Yuck!!!! I know you're used to it but still.

Great pages. Aren't Kiki's papers to die for. Big inspiration for me.

Thanks for stoppin back in again. It's hard to remember sometimes, lol. I'm just as bad.

Zippizip said...

We have never had any problems with viruses and other assorted baddies since switching to FF. Lots of great add on too. I really like the picture of your 6 yo - great eyes.

Stan at Scrappers Workshop