Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Animal PSA

Dad sent this email through to me last night, and I thought that some of you would probably be interested...

Hi, all you animal lovers. This is pretty simple. Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Animal Rescue Site is having trouble getting enough people to click on it daily to meet their quota of getting free food donated every day to abused and neglected animals.
It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on the purple box "fund food for animals" for free. This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate food to abandoned/neglected animals in exchange for advertising.

You can click as many times as you want. If everyone who gets this email "clicked" once a day, thousands of rescued animals would be fed for free. PLEASE, take the time to click.

It really does only take seconds. You just have to wait for the page to load, and then click the purple button. I mean, if you WANT to you can read all the ads on the page, but you don't have to...

Last night I went to close an email window, and for some reason all of my open programs (only 3) closed out on me... Including PSP where I had a page 90% done for Midnight Butterflies... I was so PO'd I just walked away. Mike was on the pc this morning so I finished watching an episode of CSI I'd DVRd because I didn't remember seeing it (I had seen it.), and the end of American Pie: Band Camp which I'd DVRd a couple nights ago when I was awake for most of the night.

I decided to check my emails, etc. quick before going out to shovel... And, then Dad called. He was awake early so he's all ready shoveled out his drive, and come over to shovel out the end of my drive behind the car! He's coming back to go into town with me in about an hour, but I still need to go shovel the walk, and in front of my car so there's less to do tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to be in town at 8:45am to check in for a group meeting to apply for HEAP. I'm hoping to get at least enough assistance to pay for 1 delivery of fuel oil. It's just shy of $500 for 150 gallons which with the cold snaps we've been having only lasts us about 3 weeks. I just got a delivery on the 5th, and will probably need another by the 26th...

Anywho - gotta' run! Kids want breakfast, and I need to get that shoveling done. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Thanks for the PSA, I actually have a link to that site on my blog. Do you think i click it daily? Bad dog lover.

Hope your meeting goes well and you get help. That's astromonical. I can't even begin to think what would happen if I had that kind of heating bill.

Hope you have a good day!

.: Kristine :. said...

We just paid our oil bill last week....542 bucks...ouch..and we'll have another one in March....let me bend over and swipe my bank card.....hahaha

Have a great day! Mwah!

Shannon said...

Here's hoping you get some warm weather! :)