Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad's a very young 61 today! I'm a bad daughter though... didn't manage to make a card last night like I'd planned. I did give him his present two weeks ago 'cause he was with me when I bought it so I couldn't really hide it! I think I posted, but I can't remember - I got him a sheet of 20 photo stamps. All he has to do is choose the (1) photo he wants printed on them, and go online. Choosing the 1 will be the problem I'm sure! LOL

In my defense, I came home to a house that looked like a hurricane had rolled through. Apparently Mike got a migraine at some point during the day, and just shut down...

For those that have asked, or are wondering - I spoke with Kandie breifly this morning as we were both trying to get ready for work. Teresia's scheduled for a second surgery today. She's still hanging on, but from what Kam said there hasn't been much improvement. Kam said the kids still seem to be taking everything pretty well, and sends her many thanks to all who have sent them thoughts, cards, gifts. If you want to let her know you are still thinking of them you can leave comments here.

I also got a surprise in the form of a message at MySpace from my other best friend, Brandi! We became very good friends while living on LI. She's got two sons who are just older than each of my kids. She's actually the first person who mentioned scrapping to me - although I'm not sure she's started scrapping even now! LOL She and her husband divorced about 3 or 4 yrs ago, and she moved to VA. I'd managed to lose track of her address and email so that even the Xmas card I sent came back...

HEAP hasn't gotten any kind of message to my oil provider yet. Despite the fact that all paperwork was submitted last Friday on an emergency application stating I had less than 10 days supply of fuel. I had to call this morning to try to arrange for a delivery tomorrow as I will be completely out sometime between Sunday and Monday. They ended up telling me they had space on the truck for today, and would have to deliver today as they won't be back in the area 'til Tuesday. So I won't be paying a few other bills this month... They also informed me that a whistler needs to be installed on my tank before my next delivery or they will not deliver. The whistler is supposed to warn them if they are getting close to filling the tank so they don't overflow it. I explained that my tank is a 230-250 gallon tank on almost empty so the 150 gallons they are delivering won't overflow... Then called my landlord to let him know he's got 3 weeks maximum to get this fixed so I can get fuel again. I'm still waiting for the shower to get fixed. I've been using needlenose pliers to turn it on and off for a year now 'cause the on/off knob broke off.

Gotta' run 'cause I'm posting while the boss is at lunch. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Give your dad my best wishes for a happy birthday too!

Actually I did blow off work today. I only spent a little time on blogs and most of the day between fighting with the dogs and scrapping. We've got a bad storm coming in tonight, I should have bit the bullet and gone in so I can take tomorrow off. Now I'm not too sure I can.

Hope your heat situation gets straightened out soon. That is just unbelieveable. Makes me glad I'm all electric.

Have a good night!

.: Kristine :. said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!!!!!! Hope he has an awesome day!!!