Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy NewYear!

So who else stayed up late last night? I couldn't get Brenden to go to sleep without me, and I was up for Heather's chat 'til midnight... Super tired now, but I can't sleep anymore atm. Brenden went back to sleep after moving by my feet at 8am...

So glad I am off work today! LOL

I got tagged by Kristine yesterday...

* Four Jobs I've had:
1. Proofreader
2. Account Coordinator @ Advertising Research Firm
3. Call Center Rep & Senior Rep
4. Photographer's Assistant

* Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
1. Underworld/Underworld Revolutions
2. Harry Potter (any of them!)
3. Wild Hogs
4. Dirty Dancing

* Four Places I have Lived:
1. Philadelphia,NY
2. Brentwood, Long Island,NY
3. Syracuse, NY
4. Theresa, NY

* Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. Bones
2. Supernatural
3. Women's Murder Club
4. any of the CSI's

* Four Places I have been on Vacation:
1. Poconos in PA (Only place as an adult)
2. Yellowstone National Park, WY
3. Dinosaur National Park, UT
4. Mammoth Caves (VA? I think?)

* Four Websites You Visit Daily:
1. Heather's Blog
2. Kristine's Blog
3. Diane's Blog
4. Andrea's Blog

* Four of My Favorite Foods:
1. Skinless, boneless chicken breasts
2. Potatoes - mashed, au gratin, baked, fried...
3. Corn
4. Anything with chocolate!

* Four Places I would Rather Be:
1. Hawaii
2. Utah (I wanna meet my niece!)
3. the future... Why haven't they invented teleporter beams yet???
4. Anywhere there's no snow...

* Four Albums I Cannot Live Without:
1. Appetitie for Destruction - G'N'R
2. Red,White, & Crue Disc 2 - Motley Crue
3. My Rock Compilation CD
4. Believe - Cher

Five People to tag:
1. Dawne- Ladybug
2. Traci- Purple Frog
3. Nita - Flutterby
4. Dawn - Snowsmoon
5. Andrea - Boyerville

Ok, so I didn't finish all of the challenges I had hoped to. I just did a complete count, and here's how it broke down:

PDW: 9 Challenges Noted - 3 Completed
DSO: 14 Challenges Noted - 9 Completed
DSG: 7 Challenges Noted - 4 Completed
Grand Totals: 30 Challenges Noted - 16 Completed

7 of those were completed in the 6 LOs I did between 3pm & 11pm last night! I'll share those 6, and then I'm off to get my January lists set up!

Title: There's No Place...
Papers and elements from the Grungy Christmas Fun Kit by Heather Manning available at PDW.
Fonts: PC Snowball; Pristina; Freestyle Script

LO completes the Dec Quote Challenge at DSG.

Title: Scalloped Pineapple
Flower from Holiday Silk Set by Heather Manning available at PDW.
Notepaper from the Dirty Notepapers Pack by Heather Manning.
Background papers from the Bloom Where You Are Planted Paper Pack by Scrappin Hillbilly Sweetpea Designs (aka Fantacy).
Paperclip from the Essentials Set by Pamela of Digitreats.
Fonts: Prissy Frat Boy; FG Cathie's Hand

LO completes the Dec Element Challenge at DSG and the Dec Recipe Challenge at DSO.

Title: P Is For...
Papers and elements from the All About The Alphabet Kit by Christina Wall Designs available at Gotta Pixel.
Fonts: FG Cathie's Hand

LO completes the Dec Photo Challenge at DSG. (I'm starting an ABC book for my newest niece's first birthday in June! LOL)

Title: Puzzling...
Papers from the December SBE Newsletter Paper Pack by Julie Kelley Designs.
Frame from the December Font/Frame/Foto Challenge at DSG by PurpleFrog Pizzazz.
Fonts: PC Snowball; Note This

LO completes the December Font/Frame/Foto Challenge at DSG.

Title: Snow Monster
Papers and elements from the Land of the Midnight Sun Kit by Booland Designs created for the Dec 2008 Color Challenge at DSO.
Script run on photo: Lighten Up by Heather Manning Designs available at PDW.
Photo by my husband.
Fonts: OldgateLaneOutline

LO completes the Dec Color Challenge at DSO.

Title: A Picture Is...
Paper, frame, and tie from the Scrapbooking Day Freebie by Janam Design.
Fonts: Monstur; Monotype Corsiva

Believe it or not this is a morning picture... I thought the color and darkness oftheclouds made a perfect foil for this building which is the original schoolhouse for our district.
LO completes the Dec 2008 Quote Challenge at DSO.

If you haven't noticed in the last week or so, I've done some house cleaning in my links section. It had gotten really large, and I wasn't using many of the links very often. So, I re-arranged and removed as needed. But, the newest change is in the CT section... I'm a full time Dirty Girl now!!! YEAH!

I just stopped by DD, and found I got LOTD yesterday for "Cute As Can Be - Datebook Cover 3" using Color Revolution - Tempting Turquoise by Connie Prince and Checkbook Templates by Penny Springmann!!! Whoo-Hoo!

Anywho - I need to go put a movie in the kids are clammering for, get breakfast, and start laundry before I can get back to my January challenge list so I'm off for now!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


Jane said...

Love that barn picture. And that game of 4 looks very interesting I might have to steal the idea. :)

Lill-B said...

Happy new year to you too. This was interesting to read. :)

Anonymous said...

It will be a great 2008 for you!!! The bad is in the past, and for sweet, kind, and loyal friends like you....the future is brighter...(for both of us!!!) Happy new year Cate!!!!! {{HUGS}}}

Leigh said...

Busy girl! Love your lo's! TFS!

Monique said...

Congrats on the LOTD, you've got some beautiful layouts! And you have great taste in movies and tv shows... :-) Have a great day!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

It is so amazing to me what you accomplish on a daily basis. And the fact that you did 6 lo's in what 5 hours. AMAZING!!

I love the barn picture.

I totally forgot that Kristine tagged me yesterday. Now I have something for tomorrow as it seems I won't get much done.

ScrapShana said...

Wow, you're quite a blogger! Great layouts posted! Will have to check out some of those kits. ;)