Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January's half gone!

And, I've completed 28 challenges so far!!! OMG! (Good thing everyone wanted resolutions for their AAM challenge, huh?!?! LOL) On my lists I only have 2 left for DSO, 3 for DSG, 1 for PDW, 2 for SDD, 3 for DD, and 8 more I thought I'd try for GP... If I complete all of these I am going to be shocked! LOL I finished 3 LOs yesterday which completed 4 challenges.

Title: Lots of people...
Papers and frames from the Colors of Boyhood kit by Christina Wall Designs available at Gotta Pixel.
Photo by my dad.
Fonts: PhontPhreak's Handwriting; Hotel Coral Essex

LO completes the Jan 2008 Quote Challenge at DSO.

Title: Doesn't anyone...
Papers and elements from the Neopolitan Mini Kit by Boyerville Scraps available on her blog. (One paper used as overlay at 30%.)
Script run on photo: Soft Sepia by Heather Manning Designs available at Purple Paper Flowers.
Photo by me.
Fonts: Jane Austen

LO completes the Jan 2008 Color and I Can't Believe You Scrapped That! Challenges at DSO.

Title: Potato Leek Soup
Papers and elements from the Sunflowers kit by Kristmess available at Gotta Pixel.
Fonts: Times New Roman

LO completes the Jan 2008 Recipe Challenge at DSO.

I had to run to get 10 gallons of kero yesterday... The cold snap we had ran us out of fuel faster than expected so that I had no hot water when I went to do dishes yesterday morning. When I called the fuel service to arrange for a delivery the girl on the phone gives me attitude about not being able to get it here yesterday - despite the fact that they are based in my town, and I've explained that I am on zero. And, when I complain about their customer service going downhill she got rude and snotty - arguing with me instead of listening. I'm still waiting on the delivery this morning... I think I'll be switching fuel providers.

I did manage to get all of the dishes done in 2 large loads yesterday so this morning only the dishes from dinner are in the sink. But, I don't want to use hot water until I get fuel... I didn't bother to do laundry because there wasn't a full load when I checked in the morning, but apparently there were enough accidents through the day to round out a load 'cause Mike threw one in the washer when he got home. (With a LOT of attitude, and banging of the washer.) I just put it into the dryer.

Brenden's still sleeping, and Micaila's playing their new game for the Leapster- Talking Word Factory. And, Miss Kitty (aka Jealousy) is begging for attention from Micaila... then me... then Micaila... then me...

Here's something to share:
Last night the kids asked if I could draw a castle. So I sketched this out quick for them, and they colored it. Don't ya' just LOVE Brenden's grass and Micaila's sky?! (And, yes, that is Micaila's own signature!)

I'd better finish getting ready for work. I didn't sleep well so I've got a headache just sitting there waiting to explode... And, the boss is back today.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Wow, it is half gone already! Time flies when you're having fun, heh? LOL

Good job on those layouts, my favorite is the 'Doesn't anyone'. That picture of that baby is just toooo precious!!!

Have a greate day and good luck on the rest of your layouts for the month!

flattsgurl said...

OMG I can't believe the women at the fuel company was giving you attitude! That is ridiculous! It isn't the easy to keep track of how much you have left and hey...it happens. We have a fuel company that is just down the street and they are constantly in and out...even on the weekends and Sundays!! And besides I think someone who has NO fuel should come before some who just has a scheduled refill *rolls eyes* People are just crazy sometimes.

You are really buzzing along with all those LO's!!! I love the one of the baby!! That is so stinkin' cute. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see more LO's :)

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Wow, you're early today and on the train too. lol. Sorry bout the tude, but that's becoming the norm in the Customer Service industry. Hope they can get you fuel today so your life gets back to "normal". And it's totally ridiculous that you are going to do 30 challenges this month. lol. But I know you are.

.: Kristine :. said...

Morning!!!! Swing in to say hi and leave you some blog love!!!!

I have a hard enough time getting 1 layout done...let alone 30!! (bows down to the Master...)

We had problems with our oil provider too...had to switch...these turkeys aren't much better...we are supposedly on automatic delivery but the last time they filled only 3/4 full so we are running out again...have to call them on Friday if they havent arrived by then....customer service sucks nowadays...

Monique said...

WOW you're really on a roll with those challenges! Great job! Good luck with that fuel company! Have a great day!

Gina said...

I'm hanging my head in shame when I compare my scrapping to yours. I've gotten one layout done. (Well, I actually did three, but two were right before the EHD disaster so I lost those.)

Andrea said...

I love your LO's, but then you know that already! And MMMM potato leek soup! I haven't had that in ages because Vince thinks leeks look too much like onions and he doesn't like onions. LOL... men.
Yeah, I've had some big customer service issues lately. Sorry it had to happen to you.
Love the castle, btw! SO CUTE!