Monday, April 7, 2008

Ask, and you...

may recieve! LOL Two of my CT designers have asked me to work with them creating QPs! I've got 1-12x12 done for one of them, and just finished up reading, signing, copying, and emailing the contract to the second! (The paper copy will be in the mail today!) I also had to setup a Paypal account as I've never had one of those either! LOL See? Blogging has it's purposes! :)

I'm back to working 6 days a week as of this morning... Blech! I got 3 LOs done this weekend and 2 QPs. (Only 1 LO was on Saturday!) Yesterday I also: did 1 load ofdishes, 3 loads of laundry, gathered garbage to go to the curb this morning, vaccuumed the livingroom and computer room, made the kids clean their rooms (not as successful as it could have been), sorted the kids' books to get rid of some, called my sister to set up a get together next Sunday, and made lunch & dinner. So far this morning I've: gotten cereal for the kids, called to arrange a fuel oil delivery & written the check ($562.35 for 150 gal - can someone work on LOWERING the price of oil???), called to order inner fender well liners for my car (I still can't drive it in wet weather.), paid the cable/internet bill, and changed a NASTY diaper. Is it time to go back to bed?!?

The oil just got delivered... The driver said they're so slow he's doing tomorrow's work today. Do ya' think?!? Every time I call - which is about every 3 wks - it's gone up by at least $20!!! I still need to do dishes, get the garbage to the curb, and grab a shower so I'll leave ya' with some LOs!

Title: Frosty Sunrise
Papers from the The Foundation Paper Pack by Karah Fredericks of Blue Flombingo.
Tie down, tag, notepaper, and torn cardboard from the This N That Pack by Karah Fredericks of Blue Flombingo.
Template by Karah Fredericks of Blue Flombingo.
Photo by me.
Fonts: 2Peas Scrapbook; 1942 report

LO completes the April Template/Sketch Challenge at Blue Flombingo, and Weekly Challenge #7 at Purple Paper Flowers.

Title: Amarillo
Papers and elements from the Fiesta Flavors Kit by Ladybug Graphix of Digital Scrap Garden.
Photo by me.
Fonts: 2Peas Goofball
Title: Road Trip
Red paper from the Dazzling Paper Pack by One Scrappy Mom available at One Scrappy Shoppe. (I "tore" paper.)
Brown paper, rubberband, stitches, and decorated bracket from the Thrifty Chic Kit by One Scrappy Mom available at One Scrappy Shoppe.
Photos by me.
Fonts: aaaiight!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


.: Kristine :. said...

Morning Cate~! got more done this morning than I did all weekend!!! LOL

Hope today is wonderful!! Mwah!

Dawne said...

Awesome as usual...Diesel gas has hit $4.10 a gallon down here!!! Sheesh...I wish things could start getting better SOON!!! Ok, sweetie, gotta get to work, just wanted to stop by and say hi!!! soooo HI!!! see you tomorrow

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Hey girlie! Glad to hear about the QP's. I can't even imagine having to pay that much for heating your house. That's just insane. Well hopefully the weather is turning for you too. Great LO's as always. You truly amaze me.

Kari °O° said...

YAY YOU!! Congrats!!!
Dude, you got tagged! lol look on my blog