Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Well, I only got 2 pages done yesterday, and it kind of felt like I was pulling teeth to get them done. I forgot to take my Claritan this weekend which I think was part of my issue.

Title: My Cousin,... My Friend
Papers and elements from the Elegance Kit by Ladybug Graphix of Digital Scrap Garden.
Photos by my dad.
Fonts: Freebooter Script

Title: an Evening at the Playground
Papers from the Color Me Autumn Paper Pack by Blythe Evans of Purple Paper Flowers.
Bracket matte from the Cardboard Cutups Vol. 3 by Blythe Evans of Purple Paper Flowers.
Flowers from PrettyFul Petals by Blythe Evans of Purple Paper Flowers.
Stitching from the Sew It Seams Pack by Blythe Evans of Purple Paper Flowers.
"e" & "p" from the Painted Cardboard Alpha by Blythe Evans of Purple Paper Flowers.
Frame cluster from the Green Tinted 60's Kit by Amanda Dykan of Purple Paper Flowers.
Glitter splats from the Glitter Slpotches Pack by Amanda Dykan of Purple Paper Flowers.
Snap from the Oh Snap! Pack by Rachel Martin of Purple Paper Flowers.
"b" from the Little Black Alpha by Krystal Hartley of Purple Paper Flowers.
Photos by me.
Fonts: Girls Are Wierd

I also finished 6 more 8x8 QPs for Michele's book this morning using templates I built at work for the senior albums. So I'm up to 11/21 done for that project! My templates made the work go MUCH faster! LOL

I may have some really good news regarding the senior showcase abums in the next day or two! I gave up waiting for my boss to speak with the one friend I knew was most likely to follow through, and emailed him myself on Sat. I got a response last night so we're now working details out!

Gotta' run! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


.: Kristine :. said...

Hiya Cate,

Tiptoeing thru on my way back to bed....this cold has really knocked me on my rear...

Hope today is a great day!

flattsgurl said...

Beautiful LO's! And congrats on getting more Qp's done. I hope you hear something soon from your boss. What a great opportunity that would be. :) I hope you're enjoying this beautiful weather we're having. Can you believe we had 80+ degrees over the weekend? That was crazy!! Nice but crazy LOL Hope you have a great week.

movefearlessly said...

those layouts are beautiful!

Sassy said...

Lovely layouts!!
Love your blog!!

Gina said...

Allergies can really knock you on your bum, huh? Two pages isn't anything to sneeze at, though.