Friday, April 11, 2008

It's official!

I'm selling QPs for Kristine! My 1st is in the shoppe here. And, if you want a peek it looks like this:

And, while you are there check out Dazzle! It is a gorgeous kit full of glittery, yummy goodies, and 30% off right now!!!

Realize that the shrunk down previews don't do them full justice, but I can't fit bigger ones into my blog column! LOL

With the new responsibilities for Kristine and Michelle I've had to take that big step into Paypal-land. I'd managed to avoid it until now. Jeez, want to talk about a run-around... In order to get validated I have to confirm two small amounts (each under $1) that they deposited into my checking account. Ok, shouldn't be too hard, right?

Well, in my case we have internet banking- sort of. At one point Mike had to set up a 3rd acct because work was supposed to be depositing money for the TMs to use to reward their team members directly into their own acct. I didn't want the headache of trying tokeep his work money seperated from our money so we set up the 3rd acct linked to our 2 personal ones. At that time he asked for the internet access, so they sent him the info. He never used it, the 3rd acct has been closed because work NEVER did deposit any money, and he can't find the paperwork for the internet access. So I can't get into the accts online because I don't have the username or password.

On Tuesday when I go to the bank to cash my paycheck I ask for a transaction report - just in case it went through a little faster than they stated... Nope no deposits. So yesterday I stop at the bank on my way to work, and explain the issue with the internet access and why I need it - no problem - I just have to call this number and they can get it switched around for me. I will need a phone access code which the teller has ordered for me which will come in the mail in the next 3-5 business days, but if I need this sooner just press 0# until it sends me to a person. Ok. I call the number; use the 0# trick; get a person and explain the issue again - no problem - she just has to tranfer me to someone in the internet banking dept. Transferred, Iget a guy who has been toldwhat myissue is, andismorethanwilling to help... BUT, he can only give me the username (which is all numerals and about 16 digits long) - to get the password he has to send me a letter which will take 7-10 business days to reach me!!!! I understand them not being able to see the current password for security reasons, but they can't even change it! (Now I do have to put a disclaimer here - every single person I talked to in this meandering path was VERY friendly, and as helpful as they could be with theguidelines they have.)

So,... last ditch effort I call the other branch of the bank in town. Explain what I need and why. Tell her that I really can't wait the 7 days to get this set up - to which she exclaims "7 days?!?". Yup - they said they had to mail it, and it would take 7-10 businessdays to reach me. "You just need the amounts?" "Yes, and they should both be under $1." "Ok, verify this for me,... and this,... and this... here are your two amounts." THANK YOU!!!

I was going to try to get a LO done to post, but Brenden just came and asked me ever so nicely to help him build something. Guess the LO will have to wait 'til tonight...

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


.: Kristine :. said...

Wooohoooo!!!!! Stoppping in to get cookies on my machine...LMAO

Have a great day!!!!

Dawne said... are really moving up in the world!!! I love your QP's..that is awesome :) You gotta love these automated phone ppl....{UGH} I get excited when I get to speak to a human anymore!!! Have a great weekend sweetie...see you on Monday.. {{HUGS}}

DawnMarch said...

oye. I hate dealing with paypal and with banks, so both together must be the worst!