Wednesday, April 16, 2008

All the usual suspects...

I've been less chatty lately. Kind of feel like I'm running on fumes most days. That tends to make me less chatty. But, it does seem to be a wide spread issue in digi-land... Most of my usual commentors have been hiding lately too.

We're starting to gear up for our senior season at work which means I have a LOT less time to try to surf the net at work. I'm gonna have to start trying to squeeze it in while at home - during my scrapping time! (insert bug-eyed smilie)

Sunday was fun - if exhuasting! Nora showed up about a quarter after 11 with Mark and the boys in tow. Krysti was at her cousins' for the day so she wasn't with them. Dad came over about a 1/2 hr later. Mom also stopped by for a couple of hours. We watched Waterhorse while chowing on frozen pizzas and bagged salad - quick and easy!

Then the kids went off to play, Mom headed home, and Nora, Dad and I attempted to play CSI Miami while Mike & Mark watched a ball game. I now know why the game was abundant in the clearance section... It's Clue only much, MUCH more involved! LOL Even Dad gave up at the end! So, on to SkipBo!

Still couldn't get Mark or Mike to play with us, and Nora wanted to play partners so Marky got thrown into the game. He'd never played before, but he was a good sport about it. (Krys is normally our 4th.) Dad & I trounced them though.

Nora let Marky head back upstairs to play and she, Dad & I played one game of Phase 10 which is like garbage rummy. That is one game that you never know who is going to win until you are down to the last hand or two! Dad beat us.

On to Monday night I took the kids down to the playground at the elementary school down the road from us after I got home from work. Took about 70 more pictures in about 40 minutes! I even used one in a LO that night!

Title: Shining Star
Papers, ribbon, and sequins from the Corgen Kit by Princess Lala of Divine Digital. (1 paper "torn" by me.)
Star doodle from the Mystery Freebie 6.14.07 by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Bird doodle from the Free Kit by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Torn paper star from the This Boy Kit by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Clip and frame from the Note To Self Kit by Princess Lala of Divine Digital.
Photo by me.
Fonts: GG Herb Script

I also have this from Monday morning...

Title: Ocean Beach
Paper, overlay, shells, and swirls from the St. Pete's Sunset Kit by Kara Jones of K-Joi Studios.
Photos by me.
Fonts: CK Renaissance

This kit worked REALLY well with my San Francisco photos!

And, this from last night...

Title: Dorothy & Richard Mallette
Kraft paper from the Kraft Papers Paper Pack by Amanda Dykan of Purple Paper Flowers.
Blue paper from the York County Fair Paper Pack by Amanda Dykan of Purple Paper Flowers.
Jeweled stars and swirls from the Starlight Element Pack by Blythe Evans of Purple Paper Flowers.
Chain and pewter tag from the Pewter Charms Element Pack by Kristi Duncan of Purple Paper Flowers.
Brass snap from the Oh Snap Element Pack by Rachel Martin of Purple Paper Flowers.
Die cut paper from the Border Patrol Vol 2 Pack by Theresa Hernandez of Purple Paper Flowers.
Photos by ?
Fonts: GG Herb Script

This is a LO for my aunt who lost her husband last July rather suddenly due to cancer.

Some of you may remember I had a funeral to go to last July. Uncle Richard was diagnosed with either stomach or pancreatic cancer (I can't remember which although I lean towards pancreatic.), and given 3-6 months to live. He died a week later. It hit Aunt Dorothy really hard, but she seems to be doing ok now. I think maybe her grandson and granddaughter who were both born a few weeks later may have helped immensely. At the time I offered to do a digital book for her of her photos with Richard. I told her when she was ready to get some photos withs dates and/or journaling together, and send them to me. I'd scan them into mypc, and work from there.

Yesterday she and two other aunts came down to visit, and while they were here she handed Dad some photos to scan. So I'll have some more pages featuring the two of them coming along shortly I'm sure.

Well, I have to go do dishes and get dressed! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

PS - I forgot the food porn!!!! I finally stopped to get Pad Thai on the way home last night - 1 order with shrimp for Mike & 1 with chicken for me!(Kids wanted mac & cheese...)


.: Kristine :. said...

Morning Cate!!! This last weekend was a rough one...LOL...forgive my brain farts...hahaha

Hope today is good day! Enjoy the weather adn try not to over extend yourself!

Heather Watson Digital Elements said...

Beautiful LOs!

ckmom12673 said...

Ohhh....thai food! Yummy!! Sorry to hear about your uncle, but that was so nice of you to offer to scrap some of his pics for your aunt, I know she'll treasure those forever...Glad I stopped by your blog...hope you have a great day!!

DawnMarch said...

Love your layouts -- especially the beach one. Those distressed edges are perfect!

movefearlessly said...

gorgeous layouts! food porn - what an appropriate (and hilarious!) term.

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

I noticed that we've both been absent alot lately. It's just hard to leave everyone comments, but I've been by to read the blogs. I figured that you'd understand. :)

Awesome layouts as always!

Anonymous said...

the shining star layout is uber cute.

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