Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday things...

Just a REALLY quick post...

Remember last fall I blogged about my beligerant neighbor who was so rude??? His wife stopped by last night... She says, "First, I want to apologize you were entirely correct about where the honking was coming from." To which I only nodded my head because well,... HELLO it just took you 6 months to come apologize??? And, not even your husband who was the jerk comes to do it???

Any way she then asked if we minded if they cut up part of a tree that fell out back of the pool during the winter. I was just gonna' break it up and put it out to the curb for Spring Clean-up so help yourself!

Just weird...

Then at 9:30pm I got a call from my BF, Kam... She'd just gotten off the phone with the hospital who told her to call the family 'cause they weren't sure if Teresia was going to make it through the next half hour - let alone the night. As you can imagine she was a complete wreck, and I felt so helpless 'cause I'm several states away... Things had seemed to be going better. Teresia's had several surgeries to help with the burns, and she'd been fighting. But, apparently the bacteria got back in and started infections again. She'd turned septic yesterday after another surgery.

I called her quick this morning, and she was in a much better frame of mind. Teresia DID make it through the night, but she's still septic so things are kind of in a holding pattern atm. Any good thoughts/prayers are welcome.

I finished 6 more QPs for Michelle's album so I'm up to 17/21 done. I hope to finish it tonight so I can cross that off my to do list. I also started a LO for Heather this morning, but didn't have time to finish it before leaving for work as my pc slows down HORRIBLY every morning at about 8am. I thought it was the virus software doing it's scan that was doing that to me, but I changed the schedule to 12am so that's not the whole issue...

I ordered more RAM for my pc yesterday as well as a USB stick for Mike 'cause he's hot to get one (and mind you doesn't even know what it's for) and a 1TB EHD. I found a really good deal online, and figured while I had the tax money I'd better get it. I should be set with 1TB for at least 2 years! LOL Hopefully once I get the new RAM installed I won't have stalling issues with my programs...

Watch my blog... I have an exciting annoucement coming for May 1st! Not to mention all the NSD specials I'm sure to have for May 3rd!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!


.: Kristine :. said...

Hiya Cate!

Hope you have a great day today!!! Thinking positive vibes for Kam and Teresia!!

Where did you order the EHD from?

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Just poppin by to wish you and Teresia well. Read about it on Kris' blog but nothing was here yet. That's gotta be tough. Prayers are going out for her and her family and a hug for you!
Are you gonna let me in on your secret????? hahahahaha

Have a good one!