Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My head feels like it is going to explode! I purposely stayed off the pc last night to spend "quality" time with Mike and the kids. He had all night to try to talk to me, and instead he waits until this morning when I am trying to upload LOs to galleries, have my brother IMing me, and the kids chewing cereal with their mouths open!!! Now he wants to discuss options for Xmas gifts that would be cheaper for us, and when he's going to LI for Thanksgiving, and what $$ options we have to tighten things up! And, yes - he's still going to LI despite the gas prices and the fact that we have NO extra money...
If I type much longer things are just going to start spewing out so I'll leave you with the LO I managed to complete before everything went haywire this morning...

Title: Daddy Time
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Papers and elements from the Sweet Potato Pie Kit by Connie Prince of DigiDiva Designs available at Divine Digital.
Paper tear from the Just Linda Template by Kim B Designs available on her blog.
Photos by my brother, Kolby.
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Andrea said...

Here's another reason to say AGGHHH! I just posted a long, complainey comment about spending money in the holidays, and how we are supposed to pack up the girls and drive 1000 miles to my DH's family's house blah blah, and then Google wouldn't post it to your blog!
Lol and take care today!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

Aww, big hugs!!! I'm sorry he's being such a man. If the plane ticket wasn't paid for, I'd be sitting rihgt here. Shannon's about to be laid off for the winter too. I feel your pain hun. Wish I could make it better.

Donna B. Miller said...

That sounds just like a man. :-) I hope your day gets better, Cate. Congrats on being published again.