Saturday, September 29, 2007

Almost October...

So we're down to the last two days of September. Seems like the whole year has flown by. I finished the last of the DSO Challenges this morning - the Color Challenge. I made a mini kit with 4 papers, 1 bow, and 1 ribbon. I need to upload it to my 4shared account later today, so maybe I'll share the link tomorrow if anyone is interested. I do want to say that I am NOT up to par with any of the talented ladies I work for! :D

Here's a peek:
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Many thanks to Royanna Fritschmann for her Bow Beauties 05 and Trim Shapes 03!
On a related note I have gotten permission from a couple of my CT designers to offer QPs from their kits here on my blog! While I am not super-confident in my design skills for kits atm I do believe my LO design skills are good enough to make some great QPs!

Pamela has all ready offered several of my QPs on her blog (If you search through the older posts I believe they are still available!), and Karla is using 4 of them in Charity kits! So maybe starting next Saturday I'll be offering some of those...

Speaking of the Charity Kits, please check them out here:
and here:
Each is $10 for a 10-page Brag Book created using the Fruits of the Spirit kit, and all proceeds benefit the named charity!

Not much news from home... I did manage to watch CSI NY last night, and I'm heading off to watch CSI Vegas now. I have 1 challenge left to finish by tomorrow night, and am having real difficulty trying to decide WHAT to scrap. The last Monday Mixer for Sept is to scrap the end of something... Maybe I can get a new sunset picture to scrap the end of the day???

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!
Since you asked so nicely...

Be gentle - it's my first freebie! :P Please send people here to get the link! TY!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the challenge!

Can't wait to see your QPs! Happy Saturday!

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

You have to release your challenge papers - I put a preview of it up. lol. Great job on them. Thanks for your comments yesterday. I really appreciated them. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Definitely looking forward to your QP's....and your challenge papers are awesome girl! Have a great Saturday and talk at you later!