Thursday, September 6, 2007

Doctor visits...

You know those mornings you'd just rather stay in bed? Well, how about ones where both you & your kids have doctor appointments? Do they qualify? I have toget my birth control shot this morning - which shoudn't take too long, and then take the kids to a well-child visit booster shot appointment. All before going to work mind you! Guess it's a good thing I couldn't get back to sleep when Mike's alarm went off at 4am...

Grampy's here and we have to get out the door so this is going to be super short, but here's a LO I finished this morning to be used as a QP for Karla's CT:

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Paper & elements from the Fruits of the Spirit kit by Karla Kellum of Lifesong Kreations available soon at Digitals.
Fonts: Elegant

The kids visited a petting farm/zoo on Long Island while visiting Nana Jo in June, and these are the pictures that came back. :)

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Carolyn said...

Hope all the appointments went well and you made it to work on time : )