Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Out witting a 4.5-year-old...

Micaila, are you going to go put some shorts or pants on?
Why not?
-I'm waiting for Grampa.
-Mommy, can you go get me a sandwich NOW?
-Why not?
I'm waiting for Grampa.
- [feet pounding up the stairs]
-Now can you? (Asks a fully dressed Micaila!) LOL

Had to share the story from yesterday morning. Haven't got much else to post, so I'll leave you with the LO I just finished 10 minutes ago...

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Papers &elements from the Little Star kit by Amy Teets available at at ACOT and Oscraps.
Shadowbox is Shadowbox 1 by Amy Teets available at at ACOT and Oscraps.
Fonts: Vintage Typewriter

A photo journal of Brenden for 2007. (...So far!)

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Carinspixels said...

rofl I love the little conversation, Aranka loves to walk around like a streaker as well....
Wonderful new layout, love the boxxing of photos and colors!